Range.LinkedDataTypeState (Excel)

Returns information about the state of any Linked data types, such as Stocks or Geography, in the range. Possible values are from the XlLinkedDataTypeState enumeration. Read-only.

Possible Values are xlLinkedDataTypeStateBrokenLinkedData - There is a valid Linked data type in the cell, but entity no longer exists on the service, xlLinkedDataTypeStateDisambiguationNeeded - The cell needs to be disambiguated by the user before a Linked data type can be inserted. For example, if the user types "New York" into a cell and attempts to convert it to a "Geography" data type, they may need to select whether they meant New York State or New York City. Until they do so, the cell will be in this state, xlLinkedDataTypeStateFetchingData - The Linked data type in the cell is in the middle of refreshing new data from the service, xlLinkedDataTypeStateNone - The cell does not contain any Linked data types, xlLinkedDataTypeStateValidLinkedData - The cell contains a Linked data type.

For ranges that contains cells in different states, it will return null.

Dim xldLinkedDataTypeState As XlLinkedDataTypeState
xldLinkedDataTypeState = ActiveCell.LinkedDataTypeState