CubeField.LayoutSubtotalLocation procedure builder

CubeField.LayoutSubtotalLocation (Excel)

Returns or sets the position of the PivotTable field subtotals in relation to (either above or below) the specified field.

Possible Values are xlAtBottom - Subtotal will be at the bottom, xlAtTop - Subtotal will be at the top.

You can set this property for any PivotTable field in outline format; however, the formatting appears only if the specified field is a row field other than the innermost (lowest level) row field. For non-OLAP data sources, the value of this property doesn't change when the field is rearranged or when it is added to or removed from the report. The LayoutForm property determines whether the report appears in table format or in outline format.

ActiveCell.PivotField.CubeField.LayoutSubtotalLocation = xlAtBottom