Buy Code VBA and Excel / Access VBA add-ons

Access and Excel VBA in addition to Code VBACode VBA consists of 3 parts, the Code VBA core and the Excel VBA and the Access VBA add-ons. The Code VBA core part can be bought separately, the others can only be bought in combination with the core part.

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buyLearn VBA
Learn to use the most important VBA language features. Allows use of all Code VBA, Excel VBA and Access VBA features of Beginner and Elementary level. Intermediate and VBA Pro level features not included.
US$ 49.95 € 49.95
buy Excel VBA + Code VBA Excel VBACode VBA core US$ 158 139.90 €
buy Access VBA + Code VBA Access VBACode VBA core US$ 158 139.90 €
buy Code VBA core Code VBA core - does not give use of  Access or Excel features US$ 90.35 79.95 €
buy Access VBA + Excel VBA + Code VBA Access VBAExcel VBACode VBA core US$ 225.85 199.85 €