Class TimelineViewState (Excel VBA)

The class TimelineViewState represents the timeline-specific members of a slicer view.


To use a TimelineViewState class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim tvs as TimelineViewState
Set tvs = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSlicer.TimelineViewState

TimelineViewState class variables can be set using the Slicer.TimelineViewState procedure.


Gets or sets the displayed level.

xlTimelineLevelDays - Days level, xlTimelineLevelMonths - Months level, xlTimelineLevelQuarters - Quarters level, xlTimelineLevelYears - Years level.
ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSlicer.TimelineViewState.Level = xlTimelineLevelDays


Gets or sets whether the control's header is displayed.

ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSlicer.TimelineViewState.ShowHeader = True


Gets or sets whether the control's horizontal scrollbar is displayed.

ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSlicer.TimelineViewState.ShowHorizontalScrollbar = True


Gets or sets whether the control's filter selection label is displayed.

ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSlicer.TimelineViewState.ShowSelectionLabel = True


Gets or sets whether the control's time level drop-down is displayed.

ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSlicer.TimelineViewState.ShowTimeLevel = True