Class TableObject (Excel VBA)

The class TableObject represents a worksheet table built from data returned from a PowerPivot model.

Class ListObject gives access to class TableObject.

Member in collection


To use a TableObject class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim tot as TableObject
Set tot = ActiveCell.ListObject.TableObject

TableObject class variables can be set using the ListObject.TableObject procedure.

Delete - Deletes the TableObject object.

Refresh - This method updates the TableObject object.


AdjustColumnWidth specifies if the column widths are automatically adjusted for the best fit each time you refresh the specified query table. The default value is True.

Destination returns the cell in the upper-left corner of the query table destination range (the range where the resulting query table will be placed). The destination range must be on the worksheet that contains the TableObject object.

EnableEditing true if the user can edit the specified query table. False if the user can only refresh the query table.

EnableRefresh specifies if the query table can be refreshed by the user.

FetchedRowOverflow specifies if the number of rows returned by the last use of the Refresh method is greater than the number of rows available on the worksheet.

ListObject returns a ListObject object for the TableObject object.

PreserveColumnInfo specifies if column sorting, filtering, and layout information is preserved whenever a query table is refreshed. The default value is False.

PreserveFormatting true if any formatting common to the first five rows of data are applied to new rows of data in the query table. Unused cells aren't formatted. The property is False if the last AutoFormat applied to the query table is applied to new rows of data. The default value is True.

RefreshStyle returns or sets the way rows on the specified worksheet are added or deleted to accommodate the number of rows in a record set returned by a query.

ResultRange returns a Range object that represents the area of the worksheet occupied by the specified query table.

RowNumbers specifies if row numbers are added as the first column of the specified query table.

WorkbookConnection returns the WorkbookConnection object used by the TableObject for connecting to the model.

ListObject - Represents a list object in the ListObjects collection.

Range - Represents a cell, a row, a column, a selection of cells containing one or more contiguous blocks of cells, or a 3D range.

WorkbookConnection - A connection is a set of information needed to obtain data from an external data source other than a Microsoft Excel workbook.