Class SparkColor (Excel VBA)

The class SparkColor represents the color of the horizontal axis and the markers for points in a sparkline.


To use a SparkColor class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim scr as SparkColor
Set scr = ActiveCell.SparklineGroups(1).Points.Firstpoint

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type SparkColor: SparkHorizontalAxis.Axis, SparkPoints.Firstpoint, SparkPoints.Highpoint, SparkPoints.Lastpoint, SparkPoints.Lowpoint, SparkPoints.Markers and SparkPoints.Negative.


Returns a FormatColor object that you can use to set the color of the horizontal axis or the markers for points in a sparkline.

Dim fcrColor As FormatColor
Set fcrColor = ActiveCell.SparklineGroups(1).Points.Firstpoint.Color


Returns or sets whether the point is visible.

The setting of the Visible property corresponds to the settings of the High Point, Low Point, Negative Point, First Point, Last Point, and Markers check boxes in the Show section of the Sparkline Tools Design tab of the ribbon. Use the corresponding properties of the SparkPoints object to set the state of these check boxes.

ActiveCell.SparklineGroups(1).Points.Firstpoint.Visible = True