Class MultiThreadedCalculation (Excel VBA)

Returns or sets the concurrent calculation mode.


To use a MultiThreadedCalculation class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim mtc as MultiThreadedCalculation
Set mtc = Application.MultiThreadedCalculation

MultiThreadedCalculation class variables can be set using the Application.MultiThreadedCalculation procedure.


The Enabled property allows MultiThreadedCalculation objects to be enabled or disabled at run time.

Application.MultiThreadedCalculation.Enabled = True


Gets the total count of the process threads that are a part of the specified MultiThreadedCalculation object.

Application.MultiThreadedCalculation.ThreadCount =


Returns or sets the thread mode for the specified MultiThreadedCalculation object.

xlThreadModeAutomatic - Multi-threaded calculation mode is automatic, xlThreadModeManual - Multi-threaded calculation mode is manual.

You can set the thread mode to either xlThreadModeAutomatic or xlThreadModeManual.

Application.MultiThreadedCalculation.ThreadMode = xlThreadModeAutomatic