Class IconSet (Excel VBA)

The class IconSet represents a single set of icons that are used in an icon set conditional formatting rule.


To use a IconSet class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim icnset as IconSet
Set icnset = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets(Index:=1)

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type IconSet: Icon.Parent, IconSetCondition.IconSet and IconSets.Item.

For Each

Here is an example of processing the IconSet items in a collection.

Dim icnset As IconSet
For Each icnset In ActiveWorkbook.IconSets
Next icnset


Returns a Long value that specifies the number of icon sets available in the workbook.

Dim lngCount As Long
lngCount = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets.Count


Returns a single IconSet object from the IconSets collection.

The value of the Index parameter cannot be greater than the number of icon sets available. To find the number of icon sets available to the workbook, use the Count property.

Item (Index)

Index: The index number of the IconSet object.

Dim icnsetItem As IconSet
Set icnsetItem = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets(Index:=1)