Enable related procedures in class Worksheet (Excel VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Worksheet related to the theme Enable: EnableCalculation, EnableFormatConditionsCalculation, EnableOutlining, EnablePivotTable and EnableSelection


True if Microsoft Excel automatically recalculates the worksheet when necessary. False if Excel doesn't recalculate the sheet.

When the value of this property is False, you cannot request a recalculation. When you change the value from False to True, Excel recalculates the worksheet.

ActiveSheet.EnableCalculation = True


Returns or sets if conditional formats occur automatically as needed.

When set to True (default), evaluation of conditional formats occurs automatically as needed. When set to False, conditional formats are not re-evaluated. Any previously applied conditional formatting will still be visible, but it will not update as cell values or AppliesTo ranges are changed. The purpose of this flag is to allow VBA programmers to configure a rule completely before evaluating it. This is particularly useful when condition is applied over a large range because performance can be slow in these cases.

ActiveSheet.EnableFormatConditionsCalculation = True


True if outlining symbols are enabled when user-interface-only protection is turned on.

ActiveSheet.EnableOutlining = True


True if PivotTable controls and actions are enabled when user-interface-only protection is turned on.

This property applies to each worksheet and isn't saved with the worksheet or session. There must be a sufficient number of unlocked cells below and to the right of the PivotTable report for Microsoft Excel to recalculate and display the PivotTable report.

ActiveSheet.EnablePivotTable = True


Returns or sets what can be selected on the sheet.

Possible Values are xlNoRestrictions - Anything can be selected, xlNoSelection - Nothing can be selected, xlUnlockedCells - Only unlocked cells can be selected.

This property takes effect only when the worksheet is protected: xlNoSelection prevents any selection on the sheet, xlUnlockedCells allows only those cells whose Locked property is False to be selected, and xlNoRestrictions allows any cell to be selected.

ActiveSheet.EnableSelection = xlNoRestrictions