Display/Show related procedures in class Window (Word VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Window related to the theme Display/Show: DisplayHorizontalScrollBar, DisplayLeftScrollBar, DisplayRightRuler, DisplayRulers, DisplayScreenTips, DisplayVerticalRuler, DisplayVerticalScrollBar and ShowSourceDocuments


True if a horizontal scroll bar is displayed for the specified window.

With ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow 
 .DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = True 
 .DisplayVerticalScrollBar = True 
End With


True if the vertical scroll bar appears on the left side of the document window.

ActiveWindow.DisplayLeftScrollBar = True


True if the vertical ruler appears on the right side of the document window in print layout view.

For more information on using Word with right-to-left languages, see Word features for right-to-left languages .

With ActiveWindow 
 .View = wdPrintView 
 .DisplayRightRuler = True 
End With


True if rulers are displayed for the specified window or pane.

This property is equivalent to the Ruler command on the View menu. If DisplayRulers is False, the horizontal and vertical rulers won't be displayed, regardless of the state of the DisplayVerticalRuler property.

ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.DisplayRulers = _ 
 Not ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.DisplayRulers


True if comments, footnotes, endnotes, and hyperlinks are displayed as tips.

Text marked as having comments is highlighted.

Application.DisplayScreenTips = True


True if a vertical ruler is displayed for the specified window or pane.

A vertical ruler appears only in print layout view, and only if the DisplayRulers property is set to True.

Dim winLoop As Window 
For Each winLoop In Windows 
 With winLoop 
 .View.Type = wdPrintView 
 .DisplayRulers = True 
 .DisplayVerticalRuler = True 
 End With 
Next winLoop


True if a vertical scroll bar is displayed for the specified window.

Dim winLoop As Window 
For Each winLoop In Windows 
 winLoop.DisplayVerticalScrollBar = True 
 winLoop.DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = True 
Next winLoop


Returns or sets a WdShowSourceDocuments constant that represents how Microsoft Word displays source documents after a compare and merge process.

Possible Values are wdShowSourceDocumentsBoth - Shows both original and revised documents, wdShowSourceDocumentsNone - Shows neither the original nor the revised documents for the source document used in a Compare function, wdShowSourceDocumentsOriginal - Shows the original document only, wdShowSourceDocumentsRevised - Shows the revised document only.
ActiveWindow.ShowSourceDocuments = wdShowSourceDocumentsBoth