TablesOfFigures.MarkEntry (Word)

Inserts a TC (Table of Contents Entry) field after the specified range. The method returns a Field object representing the TC field.

Syntax : expression.MarkEntry (Range, Entry, EntryAutoText, TableID, Level)

Dim fldMarkEntry As Field
Set fldMarkEntry = ActiveDocument.TablesOfFigures.MarkEntry(Range:=)


The following argument is required

Range (Range) - The location of the entry. The TC field is inserted after Range.

The following arguments are optional

Entry (Table) - The text that appears in the table of contents or table of figures. To indicate a subentry, include the main entry text and the subentry text, separated by a colon (:) (for example, "Introduction:The Product").

EntryAutoText (String) - The AutoText entry name that includes text for the index, table of figures, or table of contents (Entry is ignored).

TableID (String) - A one-letter identifier for the table of figures or table of contents item (for example, "i" for an "illustration").

Level (Long) - A level for the entry in the table of contents or table of figures.