Format related procedures in class TableOfAuthorities (Word VBA)

This page presents procedures from class TableOfAuthorities related to the theme Format: KeepEntryFormatting and TablesOfAuthorities.Format


True if formatting from table of authorities entries is applied to the entries in the specified table of authorities.

Corresponds to the \f switch for a Table of Authorities (TOA) field.

If ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthorities.Count >= 1 Then 
 ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthorities(1) _ 
 .KeepEntryFormatting = False 
End If


Returns or sets the formatting for the tables of authorities in the specified document.

Possible Values are wdTOAClassic - Classic formatting, wdTOADistinctive - Distinctive formatting, wdTOAFormal - Formal formatting, wdTOASimple - Simple formatting, wdTOATemplate - Template formatting.
ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthorities.Format = wdTOAClassic