System.Connect procedure builder

System.Connect (Word)

Establishes a connection to a network drive.

Use the Dialogs property with the wdDialogConnect constant to display the Connect To Network Drive dialog box. The following example displays the Connect To Network Drive dialog box, with a preset path shown.

Connect (Path, Drive, Password)

With Dialogs(wdDialogConnect) 
 .Path = "\\Marketing\Public" 
End With


The following argument is required

Path (String) - The path for the network drive (for example, "\Project\Info").

Optional arguments

The following arguments are optional

Drive - A number corresponding to the letter you want to assign to the network drive, where 0 (zero) corresponds to the first available drive letter, 1 corresponds to the second available drive letter, and so on. If this argument is omitted, the next available letter is used

Password - The password, if the network drive is protected with a password