ShapeRange.Distribute procedure builder

ShapeRange.Distribute (Word)

Evenly distributes the shapes in the specified range of shapes.

You can specify whether you want to distribute the shapes horizontally or vertically and whether you want to distribute them over the entire page or just over the space they originally occupy.

Distribute (Distribute, RelativeTo)

With ActiveDocument.Shapes 
 numShapes = .Count 
 If numShapes > 1 Then 
 numAutoShapes = 0 
 ReDim autoShpArray(1 To numShapes) 
 For i = 1 To numShapes 
 If .Item(i).Type = msoAutoShape Then 
 numAutoShapes = numAutoShapes + 1 
 autoShpArray(numAutoShapes) = .Item(i).Name 
 End If 
 If numAutoShapes > 1 Then 
 ReDim Preserve autoShpArray(1 To numAutoShapes) 
 Set asRange = .Range(autoShpArray) 
 asRange.Distribute msoDistributeHorizontally, False 
 End If 
 End If 
End With


The following arguments are required:

Distribute (Office.MsoDistributeCmd) - Specifies whether to distribute shapes horizontally or vertically.

RelativeTo (Long) - True to distribute the shapes evenly over the entire horizontal or vertical space on the page. False to distribute them within the horizontal or vertical space that the range of shapes originally occupies.