Sections.Add (Word)

Returns a Section object that represents a new section added to a document.

Syntax : expression.Add (Range, Start)

Set myRange = ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(3).Range 
ActiveDocument.Sections.Add Range:=myRange


The following arguments are optional

Range (Range) - The range before which you want to insert the section break. If this argument is omitted, the section break is inserted at the end of the document.

Start (WdSectionStart) - The type of section break you want to add. Can be one of the WdSectionStart constants. If this argument is omitted, a Next Page section break is added.

Possible Values are

wdSectionContinuous Continuous section break.
wdSectionEvenPage Even pages section break.
wdSectionNewColumn New column section break.
wdSectionNewPage New page section break.
wdSectionOddPage Odd pages section break.