Point.PieSliceLocation procedure builder

Point.PieSliceLocation (Word)

Returns the vertical or horizontal position of a point on a chart item, in points, from the top or left edge of the object to the top or left edge of the chart area.

This property only applies to pie chart types.

PieSliceLocation (loc, Index)

Dim pnt As Point: Set pnt =  
Dim dblPieSliceLocation As Double
dblPieSliceLocation = pnt.PieSliceLocation(loc:=xlHorizontalCoordinate)


The following argument is required

loc (XlPieSliceLocation) - Specifies a horizontal or vertical coordinate.

Possible Values are xlHorizontalCoordinate, xlVerticalCoordinate.

Optional arguments

The following argument is optional

Index (XlPieSliceIndex) - Specifies which pie slice position coordinate to return. The default value is xlOuterCenterPoint.

Here you can find possible values for .