Display/Show related procedures in class Options (Word VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Options related to the theme Display/Show: DisplayAlignmentGuides, DisplayGridLines, DisplayPasteOptions, ShowControlCharacters, ShowDevTools, ShowDiacritics, ShowFormatError, ShowMarkupOpenSave, ShowReadabilityStatistics and ShowSelectionFloaties


Returns or sets a Boolean that specifies whether alignment guides are enabled in the user interface.

If DisplayAlignmentGuides is True, alignment guides are enabled. Setting DisplayAlignmentGuides to True corresponds to selecting Use Alignment Guides on the Align drop-down menu in the Arrange group on the Format contextual ribbon tab in the user interface.

Options.DisplayAlignmentGuides = True


True if Microsoft Word displays the document grid. This property is the equivalent of the Gridlines command on the View menu.

This property affects only the document grid. For table gridlines, use the TableGridlines property.

Options.DisplayGridLines = Not Options.DisplayGridLines


True for Microsoft Word to display the Paste Options button, which displays directly under newly pasted text.

Sub ShowPasteOptionsButton() 
 With Options 
 If .DisplayPasteOptions = False Then 
 .DisplayPasteOptions = True 
 End If 
 End With 
End Sub


True if bidirectional control characters are visible in the current document.

Options.ShowControlCharacters = False


Returns or sets a Boolean that represents whether the Developer tab is displayed in the ribbon.

This property corresponds to the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box in the Word Options dialog box.

Options.ShowDevTools = True


True if diacritics are visible in a right-to-left language document.

Options.ShowDiacritics = False


True for Microsoft Word to mark inconsistencies in formatting by placing a squiggly underline beneath text formatted similarly to other formatting that is used more frequently in a document.

Sub ShowFormatErrors() 
 With Options 
 .FormatScanning = True 'Enables keeping track of formatting 
 .ShowFormatError = False 
 End With 
End Sub


Returns or sets a Boolean that represents whether Microsoft Word displays hidden markup when opening or saving a file.

The ShowMarkupOpenSave property corresponds to the Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving option in the Security tab of the Options dialog box.

Options.ShowMarkupOpenSave = True


True if Microsoft Word displays a list of summary statistics, including measures of readability, when it has finished checking grammar.

Options.ShowReadabilityStatistics = True 


Returns or sets a Boolean that represents whether mini toolbars display when a user selects text.

Corresponds with the Show MiniBar on selection check box in the Word Options dialog box.

Options.ShowSelectionFloaties = True