OMathFunctions.Add (Word)

Inserts a new structure, such as a fraction, into an equation at the specified position and returns an OMathFunction object that represents the structure.

Syntax : expression.Add (Range, Type, NumArgs, NumCols)

Dim omfs As OMathFunctions: Set omfs =  
Dim omf As OMathFunction
Set omf = omfs.Add(Range:=, Type:=wdOMathFunctionAcc)


The following arguments are required:

Range (Range) - The place at which to insert an equation.

Type (WdOMathFunctionType) - The type of equation to insert.

Here you can find possible values for WdOMathFunctionType.

The following arguments are optional

NumArgs (Long) - The number of arguments in the equation.

NumCols (Long) - The number of columns in the equation.