List.CanContinuePreviousList (Word)

Returns a WdContinue constant (wdContinueDisabled, wdResetList, or wdContinueList) that indicates whether the formatting from the previous list can be continued.

Possible Values are wdContinueDisabled - Formatting cannot continue from the previous list, wdContinueList - Formatting can continue from the previous list, wdResetList - Numbering can be restarted.

This method returns the state of the Continue previous list and Restart numbering options in the Bullets and Numbering dialog box for a specified list format. To change the settings of these options, set the ContinuePreviousList argument of the ApplyListTemplate method.

Syntax : expression.CanContinuePreviousList (ListTemplate)

ListTemplate: A list template that's been applied to previous paragraphs in the document.

Dim lfTemp As ListFormat 
Dim intContinue As Integer 
Set lfTemp = Selection.Range.ListFormat 
intContinue = lfTemp.CanContinuePreviousList( _ 
If intContinue <> wdContinueDisabled Then 
 lfTemp.ApplyListTemplate _ 
 ListTemplate:=lfTemp.ListTemplate, _ 
End If