Indexes.Add (Word)

Returns an Index object that represents a new index added to a document.

An index is built from Index Entry (XE) fields in a document. Use the MarkEntry method to mark index entries to be included in an index.

Syntax : expression.Add (Range, HeadingSeparator, RightAlignPageNumbers, Type, NumberOfColumns, AccentedLetters, SortBy, IndexLanguage)

ActiveDocument.Indexes.MarkEntry _ 
 Range:=Selection.Range, Entry:="My Entry" 
Set MyRange = ActiveDocument.Content 
MyRange.Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd 
ActiveDocument.Indexes.Add Range:=MyRange, Type:=wdIndexRunin


The following argument is required

Range (Range) - The range where you want the index to appear. The index replaces the range, if the range is not collapsed.

The following arguments are optional

HeadingSeparator (String) - The text between alphabetical groups (entries that start with the same letter) in the index. Can be one of the WdHeadingSeparator constants.

RightAlignPageNumbers (Boolean) - True to align page numbers with the right margin.

Type (WdIndexType) - Specifies whether subentries are on the same line (run-in) as the main entry or on a separate line (indented) from the main entry. Can be either of the following WdIndexType constants: wdIndexIndent or wdIndexRunin.

Possible Values are wdIndexIndent - An indented index, wdIndexRunin - A run-in index.

NumberOfColumns (Long) - The number of columns for each page of the index. Specifying 0 (zero) sets the number of columns in the index to the same number as in the document.

AccentedLetters (Boolean) - True to include separate headings for accented letters in the index (for example, words that begin with "?" and words that begin with "A" are listed under separate headings).

SortBy (WdIndexSortBy) - The sorting criteria to be used for the specified index. Can be either of the following WdIndexSortBy constants: wdIndexSortByStroke or wdIndexSortBySyllable.

Possible Values are wdIndexSortByStroke - Sort by the number of strokes in a character, wdIndexSortBySyllable - Sort phonetically.

IndexLanguage (WdLanguageID) - The sorting language to be used for the specified index. Can be any of the WdLanguageID constants. For the list of valid WdLanguageID constants, see the Object Browser in the Visual Basic Editor.

Here you can find possible values for WdLanguageID.