CustomLabels.Add (Word)

Adds a custom mailing label to the CustomLabels collection. Returns a CustomLabel object that represents the custom mailing label.

Syntax : expression.Add (Name, DotMatrix)

Sub ReturnAddrLabel() 
 Dim ml As CustomLabel 
 Dim addr As String 
 Set ml = Application.MailingLabel.CustomLabels _ 
 .Add(Name:="Return Address", DotMatrix:=False) 
 ml.PageSize = wdCustomLabelLetter 
 addr = "Dave Edson" & vbCr & "123 Skye St." & vbCr _ 
 & "Our Town, WA 98004" 
 Application.MailingLabel.CreateNewDocument _ 
 Name:="Return Address", Address:=addr, ExtractAddress:=False 
End Sub


The following argument is required

Name (String) - The name for the custom mailing labels.

The following argument is optional

DotMatrix (Boolean) - True to have the mailing labels printed on a dot-matrix printer.