CoAuthLock.Type (Word)

Returns a WdLockType constant that specifies the lock type.

Possible Values are wdLockChanged - Specifies a placeholder lock. A placeholder lock indicates that another user has removed their lock from the range, but the current user has not updated their view of the document by saving, wdLockEphemeral - Specifies an ephemeral lock. Word implicitly places an ephemeral lock on a range when a user begins editing a range in a document with coauthoring enabled, wdLockNone - Reserved for future use, wdLockReservation - Specifies a reservation lock. A reservation lock is explicitly created by a user through the Block Authors button on the Review tab in Word.
Dim myLock As CoAuthLock 
For Each myLock In ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.Locks 
    If myLock.Type = wdLockReservation Then 
    End If 
Next myLock