Name related procedures in class Chart (Word VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Chart related to the theme Name: ChartTitle, HasTitle and SeriesNameLevel


Returns the title of the specified chart.

The ChartTitle object does not exist and cannot be used unless the HasTitle property for the chart is True.

With ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(1).Chart 
 .HasTitle = True 
 .ChartTitle.Text = "First Quarter Sales" 
End With


True if the axis or chart has a visible title.

A chart title is represented by a ChartTitle object.

ActiveDocument.Background.Chart.HasTitle = True


Returns or sets an XlSeriesNameLevel constant that specifies the source level of the series names.

Possible Values are xlSeriesNameLevelAll - Sets series names to all series name levels within range on the chart. The default, xlSeriesNameLevelCustom - Indicates literal data in the series names, xlSeriesNameLevelNone - Sets no series names in the chart.
ActiveDocument.Background.Chart.SeriesNameLevel = xlSeriesNameLevelAll