Row related procedures in class Cell (Word VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Cell related to the theme Row: Row and RowIndex


Returns a Row object that represents the row containing the specified cell.

If Selection.Information(wdWithInTable) = True Then 
 Selection.Cells(1).Row.Shading.Texture = wdTexture10Percent 
 MsgBox "The insertion point is not in a table." 
End If


Returns the number of the row that contains the specified cell.

Set newDoc = Documents.Add 
Set myTable = newDoc.Tables.Add(Range:=Selection.Range, _ 
 NumRows:=3, NumColumns:=3) 
For Each aCell In myTable.Columns(1).Cells 
 MsgBox "This is row " & aCell.RowIndex 
Next aCell