Application.OrganizerDelete procedure builder

Application.OrganizerDelete (Word)

Deletes the specified style, AutoText entry, toolbar, or macro project item from a document or template.

OrganizerDelete (Source, Name, Object)

Dim cbLoop As CommandBar 
For Each cbLoop In CommandBars 
 If cbLoop.Name = "Custom 1" Then 
 Application.OrganizerDelete Source:=NormalTemplate.Name, _ 
 Name:="Custom 1", _ 
 End If 
Next cbLoop


The following arguments are required:

Source (String) - The file name of the document or template that contains the item you want to delete.

Name (String) - The name of the style, AutoText entry, toolbar, or macro you want to delete.

Object (WdOrganizerObject) - The kind of item you want to copy.

Possible Values are

wdOrganizerObjectAutoText An AutoText item.
wdOrganizerObjectCommandBars A command bar item.
wdOrganizerObjectProjectItems A project item.
wdOrganizerObjectStyles A style item.