Application.KeysBoundTo procedure builder

Application.KeysBoundTo (Word)

Returns a KeysBoundTo object that represents all the key combinations assigned to the specified item.

KeysBoundTo (KeyCategory, Command, CommandParameter)

Dim kbLoop As KeyBinding 
Dim strOutput As String 
CustomizationContext = ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate 
For Each kbLoop In _ 
 KeysBoundTo(KeyCategory:=wdKeyCategoryCommand, _ 
 strOutput = strOutput & kbLoop.KeyString & vbCr 
Next kbLoop 
MsgBox strOutput


The following arguments are required:

KeyCategory (WdKeyCategory) - The category of the key combination.

Here you can find possible values for .


Command (String) - The name of the command.

Optional arguments

The following argument is optional

CommandParameter - Additional text, if any, required for the command specified by Command. For more information, see the "Remarks" section in the Add method for the KeyBindings object