Application.GetSpellingSuggestions (Word)

Returns a SpellingSuggestions collection that represents the words suggested as spelling replacements for a given word.

If the word is spelled correctly, the Count property of the SpellingSuggestions object returns 0 (zero).

GetSpellingSuggestions (Word, CustomDictionary, IgnoreUppercase, MainDictionary, SuggestionMode, CustomDictionary2, CustomDictionary3, CustomDictionary4, CustomDictionary5, CustomDictionary6, CustomDictionary7, CustomDictionary8, CustomDictionary9, CustomDictionary10)

Dim strWord As String: strWord =  
Dim sssGetSpellingSuggestions As SpellingSuggestions
Set sssGetSpellingSuggestions = GetSpellingSuggestions(Word:=strWord)


The following argument is required

Word (String) - The word whose spelling is to be checked.

Optional arguments

The following arguments are optional

CustomDictionary - String

IgnoreUppercase (Boolean) - True to ignore words in all uppercase letters. If this argument is omitted, the current value of the IgnoreUppercase property is used.

MainDictionary - String

SuggestionMode (WdSpellingWordType) - Specifies the way Word makes spelling suggestions. Can be one of the following WdSpellingWordType constants: wdAnagram, wdSpellword, or wdWildcard. The default value is WdSpellword.

Possible return values are wdAnagram - Anagram searching, wdSpellword - Spellword searching, wdWildcard - Wildcard searching.

CustomDictionary2 - String

CustomDictionary3 - String

CustomDictionary4 - String

CustomDictionary5 - String

CustomDictionary6 - String

CustomDictionary7 - String

CustomDictionary8 - String

CustomDictionary9 - String

CustomDictionary10 - String