Display/Show related procedures in class Application (Word VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Application related to the theme Display/Show: DisplayAlerts, DisplayAutoCompleteTips, DisplayDocumentInformationPanel, DisplayRecentFiles, DisplayScreenTips, DisplayScrollBars, ShowAnimation, ShowClipboard, ShowMe, ShowStartupDialog and ShowVisualBasicEditor


Returns or sets the way certain alerts and messages are handled while a macro is running.

Possible Values are wdAlertsAll - All message boxes and alerts are displayed; errors are returned to the macro, wdAlertsMessageBox - Only message boxes are displayed; errors are trapped and returned to the macro, wdAlertsNone - No alerts or message boxes are displayed. If a macro encounters a message box, the default value is chosen and the macro continues.
Application.DisplayAlerts = wdAlertsAll


True if Word displays tips that suggest text for completing words, dates, or phrases as you type.

Application.DisplayAutoCompleteTips = True


Returns or sets a Boolean that represents whether the document properties panel is displayed.

Application.DisplayDocumentInformationPanel = True


True if the names of recently used files are displayed on the File menu.

Application.DisplayRecentFiles = True 
RecentFiles.Maximum = 6


True if comments, footnotes, endnotes, and hyperlinks are displayed as tips. Text marked as having comments is highlighted.

Application.DisplayScreenTips = True


True if Word displays a scroll bar in at least one document window. False if there are no scroll bars displayed in any window.

Setting the DisplayScrollBars property to True displays horizontal and vertical scroll bars in all windows. Setting this property to False turns off all scroll bars in all windows. Use the DisplayHorizontalScrollBar and DisplayVerticalScrollBar properties to display individual scroll bars in the specified window.

Application.DisplayScrollBars = True


This object or member is deprecated and is not intended to be used in your code.

Application.ShowAnimation = True


Displays the Clipboard task pane.





True to display the Task Pane when starting Microsoft Word.

The ShowStartupDialog property is a global option, and the new setting will take effect only after you restart Word. Use the Visible property of the CommandBars collection show or hide the Task Pane without restarting Word.

Sub HideStartUpDlg() 
 Application.ShowStartupDialog = False 
End Sub


True if the Visual Basic Editor window is visible.

Application.ShowVisualBasicEditor = True