Application.AddAddress procedure builder

Application.AddAddress (Word)

Adds an entry to the address book. Each entry has values for one or more tag IDs.

AddAddress (TagID, Value)

Dim tagIDArray(0 To 3) As String 
Dim valueArray(0 To 3) As String 
tagIDArray(0) = "PR_DISPLAY_NAME" 
tagIDArray(1) = "PR_GIVEN_NAME" 
tagIDArray(2) = "PR_SURNAME" 
tagIDArray(3) = "PR_COMMENT" 
valueArray(0) = "Kim Buhler" 
valueArray(1) = "Kim" 
valueArray(2) = "Buhler" 
valueArray(3) = "This is a comment" 
Application.AddAddress TagID:=tagIDArray(), Value:=valueArray()


The following arguments are required:

TagID (String) - The tag ID values for the new address entry. Each element in the array can contain one of the strings listed in the following table. Only the display name is required; the remaining entries are optional.

Value (String) - The values for the new address entry. Each element corresponds to an element in the TagID array. For more information, see the example.