Class TextEffectFormat (PowerPoint VBA)

Contains properties and methods that apply to WordArt objects.

Class Shape gives access to class TextEffectFormat.

To use a TextEffectFormat class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim tef as TextEffectFormat
Set tef = ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.TextEffect

The following procedures can be used to set variables of type TextEffectFormat: Shape.TextEffect and ShapeRange.TextEffect.


ToggleVerticalText - Switches the text flow in the specified WordArt from horizontal to vertical, or vice versa.


Alignment returns or sets the alignment for the specified WordArt.

FontBold determines whether the font in the specified WordArt is bold.

FontItalic determines whether the font in the specified WordArt is italic.

FontName returns or sets the name of the font in the specified WordArt.

FontSize returns or sets the font size for the specified WordArt in points.

KernedPairs determines whether the character pairs in the specified WordArt are kerned.

NormalizedHeight determines whether the characters (both uppercase and lowercase) in the specified WordArt are the same height.

PresetShape returns or sets the shape of the specified WordArt.

PresetTextEffect returns or sets the style of the specified WordArt.

RotatedChars determines whether characters in the specified WordArt are rotated 90 degrees relative to the WordArt's bounding shape.

Text returns or sets a String that represents the text contained in the specified object.

Tracking returns or sets the ratio of the horizontal space allotted to each character in the specified text to the width of the character.