Picture related procedures in class Series (PowerPoint VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Series related to the theme Picture: PictureType and PictureUnit2


Returns or sets a value that specifies how pictures are displayed on a column or bar picture chart.

Possible Values are xlStack - The picture is sized to repeat a maximum of 15 times in the longest stacked bar, xlStackScale - The picture is sized to a specified number of units and repeated the length of the bar, xlStretch - The picture is stretched the full length of the stacked bar.
ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1).Chart.FullSeriesCollection(1).PictureType = xlStack


Returns or sets the unit for each picture on the chart if the PictureType property is set to xlStackScale; otherwise, this property is ignored.

ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1).Chart.FullSeriesCollection(1).PictureUnit2 = 5