Class Sequence (PowerPoint VBA)

The class Sequence represents a collection of Effect objects for a slide's interactive animation sequences. The Sequence collection is a member of the Sequences collection.


To use a Sequence class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim sqn as Sequence
Set sqn = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine.MainSequence

Sequence class variables can be set using the TimeLine.InteractiveSequences procedure.


Returns a Sequence object that represents a new sequence.

Syntax : expression.Add (Index)

Index: The position of the sequence in relation to other sequences. The default value is -1, which means that if you omit the Index parameter, the new sequence is added to the end of the existing sequences.

Dim sqn As Sequence
Set sqn = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine.InteractiveSequences.Add()


Returns the number of objects in the specified collection.

Dim lngCount As Long
lngCount = ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).TimeLine.InteractiveSequences.Count


Returns a single Sequence object from the specified Sequences collection.

Syntax : expression.Item (Index)

Index: The index number of the single Sequence object in the collection to be returned.

Dim sqn As Sequence
Set sqn = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine.InteractiveSequences(Index:=1)


Returns the parent object for the specified object.