Create related procedures in class Presentation (PowerPoint VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Presentation related to the theme Create: CreateVideo and CreateVideoStatus


Creates a video in a Presentation object.

Syntax : expression.CreateVideo (FileName, UseTimingsAndNarrations, DefaultSlideDuration, VertResolution, FramesPerSecond, Quality)

Dim strFileName As String: strFileName = 
ActivePresentation.CreateVideo FileName:=strFileName


The following argument is required

FileName (String) - The name of the video file to create.

The following arguments are optional

UseTimingsAndNarrations (Boolean) - Indicates whether to use timings and narrations.

DefaultSlideDuration (Long) - The duration, in seconds, to view the slide.

VertResolution (Long) - The resolution of the slide.

FramesPerSecond (Long) - The number of frames per second.

Quality (Long) - The level of quality of the slide.


Returns the status of creating a video in the current Presentation.

Possible Values are ppMediaTaskStatusDone - Done, ppMediaTaskStatusFailed - Failed, ppMediaTaskStatusInProgress - In progress, ppMediaTaskStatusNone - No status, ppMediaTaskStatusQueued - Queued.
Dim pmtsCreateVideoStatus As PpMediaTaskStatus
pmtsCreateVideoStatus = ActivePresentation.CreateVideoStatus