Display/Show related procedures in class MediaFormat (PowerPoint VBA)

This page presents procedures from class MediaFormat related to the theme Display/Show: SetDisplayPicture and SetDisplayPictureFromFile


Sets the display picture at the specified time position.

Syntax : expression.SetDisplayPicture (Position)

Position: The time position in the media to set the display picture.

Dim lngPosition As Long: lngPosition = 
ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.MediaFormat.SetDisplayPicture Position:=lngPosition


Sets the display picture from a picture file.

Syntax : expression.SetDisplayPictureFromFile (FilePath)

FilePath: The path to the display picture file.

Dim strFilePath As String: strFilePath = 
ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.MediaFormat.SetDisplayPictureFromFile FilePath:=strFilePath