Class FilterEffect (PowerPoint VBA)

The class FilterEffect represents a filter effect for an animation behavior.


To use a FilterEffect class variable it first needs to be instantiated, for example

Dim fet as FilterEffect
Set fet = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine.MainSequence(1).Behaviors(1).FilterEffect

FilterEffect class variables can be set using the AnimationBehavior.FilterEffect procedure.


Returns the parent object for the specified object.


Determines how the embedded objects will be revealed.

Setting a value of msoTrue for the Reveal property when the filter effect type is msoAnimFilterEffectTypeWipe will make the shape appear. Setting a value of msoFalse will make the object disappear. In other words, if your filter is set to wipe and Reveal is true, you will get a wipe-in effect, and when Reveal is false, you will get a wipe-out effect. The value of the Reveal property can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).TimeLine.MainSequence(1).Behaviors(1).FilterEffect.Reveal = msoTrue


Sets or returns the subtype of the filter effect.

Possible Values are msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeAcross - Across, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeDown - Down, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeDownLeft - Left, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeDownRight - Right, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeFromBottom - From Bottom, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeFromLeft - From Left, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeFromRight - From Right, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeFromTop - From Top, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeHorizontal - Horizontal, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeIn - In, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeInHorizontal - In Horizontal, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeInVertical - In Vertical, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeLeft - Left, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeNone - None, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeOut - Out, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeOutHorizontal - Out Horizontal, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeOutVertical - Out Vertical, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeRight - Right, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeSpokes1 - Spokes 1, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeSpokes2 - Spokes 2, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeSpokes3 - Spokes 3, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeSpokes4 - Spokes 4, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeSpokes8 - Spokes 8, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeUp - Up, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeUpLeft - Up Left, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeUpRight - Up Right, msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeVertical - Vertical.
ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).TimeLine.MainSequence(1).Behaviors(1).FilterEffect.Subtype = msoAnimFilterEffectSubtypeAcross


Represents the type of animation.

Possible Values are msoAnimFilterEffectTypeBarn - Barn, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeBlinds - Blinds, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeBox - Box, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeCheckerboard - Checkerboard, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeCircle - Circle, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeDiamond - Diamond, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeDissolve - Dissolve, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeFade - Fade, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeImage - Image, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeNone - No effect, msoAnimFilterEffectTypePixelate - Pixelate, msoAnimFilterEffectTypePlus - Plus, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeRandomBar - Random bars, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeSlide - Slide, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeStretch - Stretch, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeStrips - Strips, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeWedge - Wedge, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeWheel - Wheel, msoAnimFilterEffectTypeWipe - Wipe.

The value of the Type property can be one of these MsoAnimType constants.

ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.TimeLine.MainSequence(1).Behaviors(1).FilterEffect.Type = msoAnimFilterEffectTypeBarn