DocumentWindow.ScrollIntoView (PowerPoint)

Scrolls the document window so that items within a specified rectangular area are displayed in the document window or pane.

If the bounding rectangle is larger than the document window, the Start parameter specifies which end of the rectangle displays or gets initial focus. This method cannot be used with outline or slide sorter views. The Start parameter value can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

Syntax : expression.ScrollIntoView (Left, Top, Width, Height, Start)

ActiveWindow.ScrollIntoView Left:=50, Top:=20, _
    Width:=100, Height:=200


The following arguments are required:

Left (Single) - The horizontal distance (in points) from the left edge of the document window to the rectangle.

Top (Single) - The vertical distance (in points) from the upper part of the document window to the rectangle.

Width (Single) - The width of the rectangle (in points).

Height (Single) - The height of the rectangle (in points).

The following argument is optional

Start (Office.MsoTriState) - Determines the starting position of the rectangle in relation to the document window.