Value related procedures in class ChartGroup (PowerPoint VBA)

This page presents procedures from class ChartGroup related to the theme Value: BinsCountValue, BinsOverflowValue, BinsUnderflowValue, BinWidthValue and SplitValue


Specifies the number of bins in the histogram chart.

ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.Chart.ChartGroups(1).BinsCountValue =


If an ChartGroup.BinsOverflowEnabled property (PowerPoint) is True, specifies the value above which an overflow bin is displayed.

ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.Chart.ChartGroups(1).BinsOverflowValue =


If ChartGroup.BinsUnderflowEnabled property (PowerPoint) is True, specifies the value below which an underflow bin is displayed.

ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.Chart.ChartGroups(1).BinsUnderflowValue =


Specifies the number of points in each range.

ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.Chart.ChartGroups(1).BinWidthValue =


Returns or sets the threshold value separating the two sections of either a pie-of-pie chart or a bar-of-pie chart.

ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1).Chart.ChartGroups(1).SplitValue = 40