Axis related procedures in class Chart (PowerPoint VBA)

This page presents procedures from class Chart related to the theme Axis: HasAxis and ShowAxisFieldButtons


Returns or sets which axes exist on the chart. Read/write Variant.

You must enter a value for at least one of the parameters when you set this property. Microsoft Word may create or delete axes if you change the chart type or the AxisGroup property.

Syntax : expression.HasAxis (Index1, Index2)

ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1).Chart.HasAxis = True


The following arguments are optional

Index1 (Long) - The axis type. Series axes apply only to 3D charts. Can be one of the XlAxisType constants.

Index2 (Long) - The axis group. 3D charts have only one set of axes. Can be one of the XlAxisGroup constants.


Returns or sets a value that indicates whether to display axis field buttons on a PivotChart. Read/write

This member is part of the shared chart object model infrastructure between Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and is not meant to be called directly from your code. Reading or setting this property causes a run-time error. In PowerPoint, you cannot create a PivotChart, and copying or pasting a valid PivotChart from Excel to a PowerPoint presentation will convert the PivotChart to a Chart.

ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint.Chart.ShowAxisFieldButtons = True