Application.Run (PowerPoint)

Runs a Visual Basic procedure.

Syntax : expression.Run (MacroName, safeArrayOfParams)

Dim strMacroName As String: strMacroName = "TestPass"
Dim varsafeArrayOfParams(1 To 2) As Variant
varsafeArrayOfParams(1) = "hi"
varsafeArrayOfParams(2) = 7 
Application.Run(MacroName:=strMacroName, safeArrayOfParams:=varsafeArrayOfParams)


The following arguments are required:

MacroName (String) - The name of the procedure to be run. The string can contain the following: a loaded presentation or add-in file name followed by an exclamation point (!), a valid module name followed by a period (.), and the procedure name. For example, the following is a valid MacroName value: "MyPres.ppt!Module1.Test.".