PivotTable.AllocationMethod (Excel)

Returns or sets the method to use to allocate values when performing what-if analysis on a PivotTable report based on an OLAP data source.

xlEqualAllocation - Use equal allocation, xlWeightedAllocation - Use weighted allocation.

The AllocationMethod property corresponds to the Allocation Method setting in the What-If Analysis Settings dialog box. The default setting is xlEqualAllocation, which corresponds to the Equal Allocation setting. If the AllocationMethod property is set to xlWeightedAllocation, which corresponds to the Weighted Allocation setting, you can optionally specify the weight expression to use by setting the AllocationWeightExpression property. If you do not specify a weight expression, a weight expression equivalent to / is used.

ActiveCell.PivotTable.AllocationMethod = xlEqualAllocation
PivotTable.AllocationMethod procedure builder